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About NHC

Doctor's Appointment

Neighborhood House Calls is a Nurse Practitioner owned and operated medical service clinic. At NHC we understand not being well is an inconvenience. We strive to simplify the path to wellness by providing high quality, compassionate healthcare in the comfort of your home or via telemedicine.  With its wide range of services NHC provides accurate diagnosis and treatment of episodic illnesses, minor injuries and uncomplicated chronic conditions while also promoting health through wellness exams and the implementation of patient centered, disease prevention plans and strategies. With an emphasis on lifestyle medicine NHC will equip you with the tools and education you need to take control of your health and be well.

NHC Commitment to Your Health

My commitment to your health includes safe opioid prescribing practices and antibiotic stewardship. By implementing strategies that minimize inappropriate use of opioids and antibiotics, together we improve patient outcomes, decrease addiction potential and reduce microbial resistance. 


Neighborhood House Calls’ mission is to improve the health of individuals and communities by making getting well and staying well more convenient and accessible through home-based and telemedicine care of acute/episodic needs, preventative, screening and chronic disease management.

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