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Medical Weight Loss Management Programs

Obesity is a complex, chronic medical condition with serious health implications. When combined with a healthy lifestyle Medical Weight Loss can help you reach your weight loss goals faster. NHC offers options to support, enhance or help you get started on your weight loss journey. 

NHC is ready to partner with you. Join a weight loss program that supports, guides and encourages you in your weight loss efforts. Program includes medication management of GLP-1 injections or other weight loss medications as appropriate for your needs, weekly virtual check-ins, monthly in person check-ins measurement and trending of body composition data, nutrition and exercise guidance. An initial consultation is required prior to starting a weight loss program. Consultation fee is $115 which will be rolled into the program cost if program initiation if appropriate.



Medication Management

$100/Month All the benefits of the weight management program including medical management of your preferred oral or injection weight loss medication.


Dose 0.25mg to 0.5mg weekly.


Dose 1mg+ weekly.


Medication dose 2.5mg to 5mg weekly.

Dose adjustments are based on individual needs, response, goals and tolerance. 

Individual results may vary. A minimum of a 3 month commitment is recommended for optimal results.

Metabolic Mix
The metabolic mix combines IV and injection nutrients that play a key role in your body's ability to convert food to energy and promote weight loss. Use alone or to enhance any weight loss program. Can be given weekly. $189
Fluids| electrolytes | minerals | antioxidants | amino acids

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