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Surgery Materials

Mobile Wound Care  

A wound is defined as an injury to the skin or underlying tissue that results in a disruption to the skin or tissue integrity or function. Need care of a wound or injury? We provide specialized wound care in the comfort of your home.

Chronic Wounds

A simple wound can progress to a chronic wound without proper care. More than 6 million Americans are affected by chronic wounds. Advanced age and health conditions such as diabetes, circulatory problems and immobility increase a person's risk for chronic wounds. Chronic wounds require expert assessment, risk management and appropriate interventions to promote healing and reduce risk of further complications. 

Have other skin issues or concerns?

NHC can help manage corns, callus, warts, skin tags, surgical wounds, lesions and more. Call and schedule a skin care consultation today.

Laceration repair

Cuts or tears in the skin typically occur as a result of trauma. Determining the appropriate treatment depends on a number of factors. 

Meeting your skin care needs with conservative and advanced wound care in the comfort of your home.
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